ALGATEC – Eco Business Park mission is to welcome and support entrepreneurial companies and projects in the algae and microalgae sector during the knowledge transfer process between applied research and technological and industrial development, essential for the development new products and production technologies, in a market where research and knowledge are two of the most important factors for the success.

Some of the advantages for ALGATEC’s implementation in HyChem (formerly known as Solvay Portugal) industrial complex for microalgae production:

  • high solar radiation;
  • availability of raw materials and other utilities from a logic of integration with the neighbouring industry;
  • accessibility to transportation and logistics;
  • proximity to universities and research institutes;
  • synergies between project promoters and the industry in proximity.

Additionally, being located in Hychem’s Business Park, ALGATEC  will benefit from a variety of facilities, services and utilities, allowing a significant reduction on investment and production costs.